Visualizing Xively Feeds

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Welcome to Xively!

This page is an example of just one of many ways you can visualise your data on Xively.
It was created with open-source tools, and reads data from Xively with the Xively JavaScript library.

Read the tutorial (comming soon) on how to make and customise your own.


To use this page, enter a Master API Key from your Xively account, and a list of the Feeds that you would like to display, into the forms above. You can view multiple Feeds by separating them with a comma, and select individual channels with an exclamation mark.


Multiple Feeds

Individual Channels
separate with exclamation marks


To begin visualizing data, enter your Xively Master API key above!

This page was created with open-source tools, and uses data from Xively. Read the Tutorial (coming soon) on how to make your own.